10 Ways to Stay Cool this Summer!



10 Ways to Stay Cool this Summer!




It has been one of the hottest Summers in decades! As we move into August, the temperature doesn't look like it will be dropping any time soon. So to help you out, we've come up with 10 great tips to help you stay cool this summer.



1) Icy breeze

If you place a bowl or tray of ice (or icy) in front of a blowing fan, the breeze will become extra cool as the wind from the fan carries the icy coldness!


2) Shut out the sun

Keeping curtains or blinds closed during the day is one of the best measures you can take to stop a room from getting too hot. However, once the sun goes down, open up the windows and let the cool breeze in.


3) Stay shaded

As much as you may want a tan, the sun is dangerous! Especially as climate change becomes increasingly fierce, experts warn that we should stay in the shade between 11am to 3pm from March to October. It is during this period that the sun is at its strongest.


4) Small meals

When your body is processing large meals, it works harder and heats up. So throughout the day, try to eat smaller portions more often, this can help keep you cool.


5) Lightweight clothing

Lightweight cotton clothing is the ideal option for when it's hot. Aim to wear lighter colours such as white and cream, these are better at reflecting the sun's radiation.


6) Stay low

Everyone knows hot air rises, which is why many opt to sleep on the floor or go downstairs during a heatwave. The ground floor should be cooler during those hot summer nights.


7) Have cold feet

Your feet and ankles are covered in pulse points. So dunking your feet into cold water, or an ice bucket and help to take your temperature straight down.


8) Slow breathing

You can actually become your own air conditioning system. By inhaling through the mouth and exhaling out the nose, your body can create a refreshing effect. The theory behind it is that your saliva should cool the air before it's taken to your lungs.


9) Cold moisturisers

Many use after-sun or skin cream in the summer to help stay rejuvenated. But it's a great idea to keep that cream in the fridge. It will help create a cooling effect without any extra effort!


10) Personal fan

While the wind from a fan doesn't actually lower your body temperature, the breeze upon your face provides a cooling sensation. A fan in your face at work or at night can help relieve the heat on a hot day.


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