6 Tips for Staying Cool During a Heat Wave



6 Tips for Staying Cool During a Heat Wave




Parts of the UK are reaching 30 degrees this week, so we're doing our best to help by providing 6 great ways of staying cool on a hot day!



1) Ice Water + A Fan = Cool Air

A really easy way to create your own aircon. Simply place a bowl of ice water in front of your fan and the air will become so much cooler. The circulated air picks up the cold from the water and carries it righ to you.


2) Close the Windows

Unless there's a nice cool breeze coming through the windows, it's best to keep them closed and covered. Use what you can to block the sun's heat rays from getting through also.


3) Don't Fan Yourself

An electric fan is great, but manually fanning yourself isn't the best idea. It will, of course, make you feel temporarily cooler, in the long run it will use energy and raise your body temperature.


4) Avoid Big Meals

Eating a lot of food in one go will only make you feel even hotter. Digestion uses a lot of energy, meaning the body will generate heat. To stay cool, eat small amount of cold food throughout the day, instead of one big evening meal.


5) Wear Light Colours

Dark colours absorb more heat than light ones, so stay well clear of black clothing. White, beige and light pastel coloured clothes are the best things to wear in the heat.


6) Rinse Your Wrists

It sounds a little weird, but washing either of your wrists with cold water is one of the best ways to cool down, give it a try before bed tonight!



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