A guide to: Spirotrac Software



A guide to: Spirotrac Software




Vitalograph Spirotrac® integrates high quality spirometry, 12-lead ECG, Pulse Oximetry, COPD assessment, blood pressure measurement, challenge testing and more in a flexible, integrated software solution.


Combines the power of your PC, network & Vitalograph Spirometer

Spirotrac Software turns your PC into a powerful & flexible Cardio-Respiratory Workstation, with the ability to integrate test results with electronic medical record systems using GDT or HL7 protocols. Spirotrac is compatible with many of the market leading Vitalograph spirometer range, including the PC based Pneumotrac, the hand held In2itive, the COMPACT™ Medical Workstation, and the desktop Alpha Touch. All Vitalograph spirometers feature a Fleisch Pneumotachograph for ultimate performance in accurate, linear and reliable flow and volume measurement. Spirotrac also enables you to add a growing range of additional diagnostic tests and physiological measurements, including 12 lead ECG, SpO2 & NIBP. If you are upgrading your operating system and would like to know whether your version of Spirotrac will be compatible refer to this Compatibility Guide.

The Spirotrac Software can be purchased from Vitalograph directly, however the equipment can be found at MidMeds, always at competition beating prices.

Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/embed/djQ3uwctxK0

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