Introducing: Beurer FT65 Multi-Functional Thermometer



Beurer FT65 Multi-Functional Thermometer







Part of the MidMeds Beurer range, the FT65 Multi-Functional Thermometer is a state-of-the-art product, designed for easy of use and high accuracy. Using infrared technology to take body temperature in the ear canal, it is suitable for nearly all ages, babies over 6 months old, children and adults.



Key Features


Forehead Temperature - Measure the temperature on the patient's forehead


Ear Temperature - High precision temperature reading from a patient's ear


Warning - Alarm will sound for a raised temperature


Memory - Built in memory to store 10 readings


Reading - Ability to display both °C and °F temperatures


Multi-functional - The thermometer is able to measure the temperature of Surfaces, objects and liquids



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