Using a percentile chart to monitor your child's growth

seca logoThe systems and scales specialists at Seca have published these fantastic percentile growth charts and have allowed MidMeds to share them with you today!


Seca write: By comparing a child's regularly documented development with standard percentile charts, the paediatrician can detect deviations and speak to parents about treatment options as early as possible.


- The following growth charts were created by looking at existing data on average child height, weight and head circumference.

- Growth charts are different between boys and girls due to the natural difference in height and weight.

- It has been found that there are differences in normal growth rates between breastfed and formula-fed babies. These percentile growth charts better reflect the development of a healthy, breastfed child.


What if my baby or child weighs below average?

A child with a low percentile rating isn't the same as a child getting a bad grade in school and doesn't mean there is anything wrong with your baby. Perhaps both parents are naturally shorter and weigh less, in that case it would be extremely normal for the child to follow suit. Of course, if you are concerned, always see a doctor. And remember, it's how your baby grows, not just how much.

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Percentile Chart Boys Percentile Chart Girls


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