A recent article from the BBC (found here) has reported on the importance of pulse oximeters.

One of the complications from Covid-19 is oxygen levels in the blood can drop to dangerously low levels, sometimes without the patient even noticing the changes. This is known as "silent hypoxia".

As patients are unaware of this, they have been arriving at hospitals in a worse health condition than they realised.

High-risk Covid patients in the UK are being sent a pulse oximeter. Dr Inada-Kim became the national clinical lead of the Covid [email protected] project and believes everyone should consider buying a pulse oximeter.

What is a pulse oximeter?

A pulse oximeter is a small clamp-like device that clips on to your finger. Once attached it shines small beams of light which pass through the blood in the finger, measuring the amount of oxygen.

This is done by measuring how much of the light is absorbed in oxygenated or deoxygenated blood. This then calculates the oxygen levels in your blood.

Once the pulse oximeter finishes its assessment, it will display the oxygen percentage in your blood, as well as your current pulse rate. 

Normal oxygen levels (SpO2 reading) in the blood range between 95% to 100%. A SpO2 reading of 92% or less means your blood is poorly saturated.

How to use a pulse oximeter

  1. Wash your hands before and after you use the pulse oximeter.
  2. Make sure your hand is warm to the touch. Then rest it on your chest for five minutes.
  3. Switch the pulse oximeter on.
  4. Attach the clip of the pulse oximeter to the finger next to your thumb or your middle finger.
  5. Watch the numbers on the pulse oximeter and once they stop moving, take note of the numbers on the screen - these are your readings.
  6. SpO2 Reading - How much oxygen is in your blood.
  7. PRbmp - How fast your heart is beating.

The NHS has released a PDF document with all the information you need to operate your pulse oximeter as well as information on your readings and a handy readings diary - where you can record all your results.

Pulse oximeter red

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