Introducing: The PELIspec® Pro-Wall



Introducing the PELIspec® Pro-Wall




The speculum of choice for discerning medical professionals for over 20 years, PELIspec® range extended with launch of new PELIspec® Pro-Wall® as part of leading UK manufactured medical device range for Women’s Health.



Superior cervix visualisation

The Pro-Wall® Vaginal Speculum has a unique built-in sheath technology that allows for far superior visualisation of the cervix when compared to single plane tissue retractions in standard speculum. The ready-applied, latex-free sheath helps to improve workflow without departure from standard procedure practice and as a result can be easily adopted without additional training.


Unmet Need

Whilst ‘standard’ speculums offer only single plane tissue retractions, patients are increasingly presenting cases of vaginal wall laxity leading to unnecessary obstructions of cervix visualisation during the procedure, where vaginal wall collapses toward the midline between the blades of the speculum, also resulting in “pinching” upon closing beaks.

pelispecimg2Current adapted methods include “blindly” taking cultures or Pap specimens and grasping the cervix with a Tenaculum or even rotating the speculum back and forth to see the cervix or even “gloving” a standard speculum with a modified surgical glove which is not suitably secured.


Advanced design, easy to use

The PELIspec® Pro-Wall® Vaginal Speculum offers multi-plane tissue retraction (i.e. vertical and lateral) thanks to a flexible sleeve securely bonded over the speculum blades which remain in place even when the blades of the speculum are in the closed position to avoid compromising the insertion or withdrawal of the speculum. Once inserted into the vagina the speculum is opened, and the stretched sheath extends between the blades and is adapted to retain the lateral walls of the vagina, allowing complete visualization of the cervix.

pelispecimg3The advanced design of the Pro-Wall® Vaginal Speculum provides the optimal view of the cervix while minimizing patient discomfort, facilitates access to the cervical canal, resolves issues of excessive lateral wall tissue, is easy-to-use, saves physicians’ time, and is available in the two “most common” sizes (Medium and Medium Long).

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PELIspec® Pro-Wall x 10


Only £16.50


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