Are you ready for Health Information Week?



Are you ready for Health Information Week?




The Health Information Week NHS campaign is a multi-sector campaign designed to help promote the good quality health resources available to the public. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the resources available to NHS staff.

We have some great ways you can get involved with Health Information Week 2017!


Nearly everyone uses some kind of social media, whether it's Facebook, Twitter or why not get involved with a post! Just make sure to use the NHS hastag of #HIW2017

Plan or join in with a local event. Your local library or healthcentre may already have an event planned, but if not, why not create your own. Team up with local organisations and have a brainstorm for ways you can connect and get involved.

Have your resources ready! The NHS website has many Health Information Week resources ready to download or order, so don't wait around, get involved today.

It's great to use your own personal social media accounts to help spread the word, but make sure to use your practice or organisation's accounts also. It's likely that other healthcare professionals follow your accounts, so they're a great way to help get the message out.

There are NHS powerpoints filled with Health Information Week details and advice, so why not share the presentation with your team.

If it's too late to plan events for this year, or maybe you're too busy...well make a note in the calendar for next year's event!-

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