10 Sarcoma Facts



10 Sarcoma Facts




As part of our effort to raise awareness of Sarcoma, we have found 10 interesting facts about the cancer. Help others to learn about Sarcoma by sharing this article on social media!



1) Sarcoma UK Charity

The charity Sarcoma UK is the only charity in the Uk which focuses on all types of Sarcoma. It's mission is to increase knowledge and awareness of Sarcoma through ground-breaking programmes that inspire involvement.


2) Cases in the UK

There are round 3,800 new cases of Sarcoma each year in the UK, approximately 1% of all cancer diagnoses.


3) Affected Areas

Sarcomas are rare cancers that can develop in the muscle, bone, nerves, cartilage, tendons, blood vessels and the fatty and fibrous tissues.


4) Loads of types

There are around 100 different sub-types of Sarcoma!


5) Soft Tissue and Bone Sarcomas

Of the 3,800 people diagnosed with Sarcoma each year in the UK, 3,330 of the cases are soft tissue and 500 are bone sarcomas.


6) More common in younger people

Sarcomas make up 15% of childhood cancers (0 to 14 year olds).


7) All ages are affected

37% of bone or soft tissue Sarcoma patients are aged less than 50 years.


8) Sarcoma Stages

Sarcoma is grouped into 3 stages, localised (confined to the initial site), regional (spread to nearby tissue) and distant (spread to other areas of the body).


9) Survival Rates for the 3 Stages

The 3 stages have the following survival rates:

  • Localized Sarcoma = 83%

  • Regional Sarcoma = 54%

  • Distant Sarcoma = 16%


10) Helpful Resources Are Out There

The charity Sarcoma UK has a host of useful resources for anyone who wishes to learn more about Sarcoma, or be informed on any of the recovery procedures.


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