The shocking amount of sugar in your coffee



The shocking amount of sugar in your coffee




There are now over 18,000 coffee outlets in the UK; with that number only expected to rise. In other words, Brits love coffee. However, it turns out that we perhaps shouldn't drink quite as much as some of us do. The health charity Action on Sugar published research exposing the shocking levels of sugar in some of the UK's most popular coffee chain drinks.

Following its release, the research was published on hundreds of media sources across the world and triggered a massive debate amongst consumers.


"These hot flavoured drinks should be an occasional treat, not an everyday drink"

Kawther Hashem, Action on Sugar researcher


The research looked at all the leading coffee chains, from Starbucks and Costa Coffee, to the fast food chains such as KFC and McDonalds. Starbucks came out poorly, with 7 out of the top 10 drinks with the most sugar coming from the Seattle based chain. Speaking to the Telegraph, a Starbucks spokeswoman said "Earlier this year we committed to reduce added sugar in our indulgent drinks by 25 per cent by the end of 2020.


We decided to take a look at the top 5 worst offending drinks:




The full list can be found: here

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Since Action on Sugar released their findings, the story has gone well and truly viral. The research has been featured on an array of global news sources, including; BBC, Guardian, Sky News, The Times, CNN, as well as many more. This level of public interest shows that people do truly care about what they are eating and drinking, and that they are interested in finding out exactly what goes into their food.


Following the research's release, Google UK saw a huge increase in people searching for 'sugar' and 'coffee', further highlighting the concerns raised by Action on Sugar's data.


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