Which Stethoscope Should a Medical Student Buy?



Which Stethoscope Should a Medical Student Buy?




You're due to start medical school, but you haven't purchased a stethoscope yet! There's plenty of choices out there and it can be tricky to work out which stethoscope to buy. Our straightforward guide below will hopefully point you in the right direction.



Which Stethoscope Brand Should I Buy?

If you've been browsing MidMeds for stethoscopes, you may have noticed that we only supply one brand: Littmann. This decision is part of our promise to provide products of only the highest quality. For over 50 years, Littmann's specialists have been innovating and engineering to provide market leading stethoscopes. Littmann provides a consistently high level of quality which we don't believe other brands can match.


Littmann Classic III

The Classic III is seen as the industry standard stethoscope. It is an affordable choice, usually priced within the £50-£70 range. This stethoscope is widely used by GPs and other medical professionals, so you would be able to use it once you have started your career.

Includes a 5-year warranty

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Littmann Cardiology IV

The elite choice for medical professionals and especially those working in cardiology, typically priced in the £120-£140 range. The Cardiology IV truly is the picicle for stethoscope quality and performance. It features outstanding acoustics with better audibility of high-frequency sounds when compared to other stethoscopes. The Cardiology IV includes next-generation tubing, designed to ensure the stethoscope lasts longer and resists strain, perfect if you're planning to use it throughout the university and well into your career!

Includes a 7-year warranty

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Littmann Classic II S.E

Whilst conducting your research, it's likely that you have been recommended the Classic II S.E. This stethoscope is indeed very popular with students, however, it is being gradually discontinued by Littmann. As of Summer 2017, only a small selection of colours are available. The Classic II S.E is a cheaper stethoscope when compared to the other options, however, many medical professionals replace it upon graduation.