Test and Calibration

Since the Health & Safety at Work Act in 1974, fire risk assessments have been a statutory requirement for all workplaces. Further to this, the Regulatory Reform Order (2005) requires that all non-domestic premises must carry out the assessment.

Our specialists will perform a complete fire risk assessment for any sized premises. The fully trained professionals will carry out the assessment in an unobtrusive manor, meaning your daily routine will not disrupted. The assessment will identify the hazards and show you the measures to implement in order to eliminate them.

Professional Service

Our fully trained fire risk assessment engineers will carry out the fire risk assessment in an unobtrusive manner so your daily routine will not be disrupted.

Identify and Implement

If we identify any hazards during the fire risk assessment we will let you know all the measures needed to be implemented in order to eliminate them.

Tailored to You

The risk assessment involved may vary according to the type and use of the premises, as well as the hazards associated within the premises.

Up to Date

Our fire risk assessment experts are always up to date on any new legislations to ensure your premises complies with all the latest and most relevant rules and regulations.