The 15 Symptoms of Caffeine Withdrawal



The 15 Symptoms of Caffeine Withdrawal




Those who have gone through a caffeine detox will know how difficult it can be, and how there are multiple stages to go through. We have a list of the top 15 most common caffeine withdrawal symptoms to expect when giving up coffee, just so you know what to expect!



1) Headaches

One of the first symptoms of caffeine withdrawal you will face is a headache, usually starting behind the eyes, it will move up to the front of the head.


2) Sleepiness

Slightly different to just feeling tired, many people simply struggle to keep their eyes open at all!


3) Irritability

Everyone will start getting on your nerves, it may just be best to stay out of everyone's way for a while.


4) Lethargy

Productivity may be able to plummet, many people start feeling a big lack of energy.


5) Constipation

As caffeine stimulates the bowel, a sudden lack of it can start causing issues down there.


6) Depression

Hopefully it would be anything too serious, but caffeine withdrawal can cause a case of the blues. However for people who already struggle with depression, it could potentially cause bigger issues.


7) Muscle Pain

If you usually have a cup of coffee before exercise it may feel like you have weights strapped to your muscles.


8) Lack of Concentration

Studying or any high-concentration tasks are getting thrown out of the window. This stage of withdrawal may leave you with a sudden inability to concentrate.


9) Flu-like Symptoms

Expect a stuffy nose, blocked sinuses and sinus pressure, caffeine withdrawal can bring on a range of flu-like symptoms.


10) Insomnia

A common side-effect of caffeine withdrawal is a lack of sleep. Most people experience this when giving up coffee.


11) Nausea and Vomiting

Potentially lasting a few days, some people can't even bare to think about food without feeling nauseous.


12) Anxiety

For some people, caffeine actually causes them to feel anxiety. However withdrawing from the drug can also lead to panic attacks and an increase in anxiety.


13) Brain Fog

Some people report experiencing brain fog with going through caffeine withdrawal. This means difficulty having coherent thoughts and struggling to perform common tasks.


14) Dizziness

Some people can feel dizzy and lose their sense of equilibrium when giving up coffee.


15) Heart Rhythm Abnormalities

As caffeine stimulates the heart muscle, some people find themselves going through changes in their heart rhythm during withdrawal. Low blood pressure and palpitations have also been reported.


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