Biopsy Punches, Curettes & Blades

We supply a wide variety of biopsy punches, curettes and blades. All of our biopsy equipment are highly effective and excellent value for money. Browse the full range below.
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  1. Kai Dermal Curette x 20
    Code: MD03702-x
    As low as £31.80
  2. Stiefel Biopsy Punch x 10
    Code: MD01653-x

    Starting at £30.49 (£36.59 inc VAT)

  3. DermaBlade x 50
    Code: MD04054
    £74.99 (£89.99 inc VAT)
  4. Kai BiopsiBlade x 20
    Code: MD08648
    £24.99 (£29.99 inc VAT)
    This product is temporarily unavailable. Click here to view an alternative.
  5. Swann Morton Major U Blade x 50 (Requires Swann Major Handle)
    Code: MD03893
    £15.00 (£18.00 inc VAT)
  6. Swann Morton Major Long Handle (for U Blades)
    Code: MD03894
    £3.90 (£4.68 inc VAT)
  7. Kai Biopsy Punch
    Code: MD04010-x

    Starting at £31.80 (£38.16 inc VAT)

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8 Items

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