Introducing: Customised Privacy Panels



New Product: Customised Privacy Panels




privacy-screen-blog-image-1We are excited to share with you our new range of customisable privacy panels (or 'privacy screens'). Gone are the days of solid blue or grey panels, you can now choose from a range of stunning images, or a selection of striking colours. We've picked out 5 of our favourite photos for you to pick from, however if you would like to use your own photo, you are welcome to do so! However, please ensure it is high-res and copyright-free.


The privacy screens come in a range of heights, and there is a choice of either 3, 5, 7 or 9 panels. All screens include a free portable stand, making it easy for you to hold your screens in place and move them around if needed. Printing can be on one or both sides and is included free with the cost of the privacy screens.


Update: This product has now been discontinued.