Eight Proven Ways to Prevent Cancer



Eight Proven Ways to Prevent Cancer




Research has shown that small lifestyle changes could make a huge difference to a person's health, and could even prevent up to 40% of Britain's cancers if everyone changed. It is believed cancers are caused by a mixture of genes, diet and life-style, and two of those are easy to fix! The following lifestyle and diet changes have been proven to make a difference.



1) Eating yogurt

Good gut bacteria has been linked to a lower cancer risk, and this has been backed up by research on mice. The mice were given probiotic supplements and were found to help prevent cancer better when compared to the mice who didn't have the supplements. Foods such as yogurt contain good gut bacteria and can help fight against some types of cancer.


2) Taking an aspirin

Researchers have known for some time that a low-dose of aspirin each day may help prevent the risk of heart attacks, but new evidence suggests it can help prevent colorectal or bowel cancer.


3) Marinated meat

It has been found that processed and red meat are linked with a higher risk of developing bowel and stomach cancers, due to heterocyclic amines (HCAs). However the Kanasas State University has found that marinating meat in herbs such as rosemary, marjoam, sage, basil and oregano can lower these HCA components in meat!


4) Fibre

Increasing your intake of fibrous whole grains such as oats, brown rice and wholemeal bread has been associated with a lowered risk of bowel cancer. Researchers are unsure of how this happens, but some believe it may be linked to gut bacteria.


5) Protecting against A-Rays

Ultraviolet A-Rays penetrate the skin more deeply, so its important to look for sun cream with UVA protection, rather than just UV. Cancer Research UK recommends applying two tablespoons of sun cream every two hours when out in the sun in the UK.


6) Weight loss

Around 60% of Brits are now overweight or obese and this crisis causes 52,000 cases of cancer each year. The heavier a person, the greater threat of these particular cancers, so any weight loss will lower your risk.


7) Sensible with alcohol

...but not too sensible. It is recommended that both men and women consume 14 units of alcohol each week. This may sound strange, but it has been found that even low alcohol consumption has links to breast, liver, bowel and mouth cancers.


8) Exercise

A study found that those who did 30 minutes of exercise each day had a lower chance of developing cancer. If the British public were more active, around 3,400 cases of breast, bowel and womb cancers could be prevented each year.


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