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Hemoglobin Analyser

Browse MidMeds Hemoglobin Analysers. Our hemoglobin analysers are some of the most advanced hemoglobin analysers that are currerttly available on the market. Our selection of hemoglobin analysers includes the Test Cards x 100 and the STAT-Site M Hemoglobin Analyzer. The STAT-Site M Hemoglobin Analyzer is an electronic, state-of-the-art, reliable hemoglobin analyser.
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  1. Haemolance Lancets Normal Flow 21G Green x 200
    Code: MD093734
    £31.24 (£37.49 inc VAT)
  2. Prospect Control Pack HBT4 (3 x 1.9ml Vials)
    Code: MD093733
    £38.33 (£46.00 inc VAT)
  3. Prospect Haemoglobin Cuvettes - 5 Pouches of 100
    Code: MD093732
    £286.30 (£343.56 inc VAT)
  4. Prospect Haemoglobin Analyser
    Code: MD093731
    £362.78 (£435.34 inc VAT)
  5. STAT-Site Mhgb Haemoglobin Analyzer
    Code: MD02342
    £225.00 (£270.00 inc VAT)
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5 Items

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