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Browse MidMeds selection of medical lancets. We offer a whole variety of different sized lancets as well as different coloured lancets. Our high quality lancet selection includes the Unistik lancet range which features a unique single-use echanism to avoid injury and cross-infection. Our lancet range also includes a large selection of BD lancets, such as the BD Genie Safety lancet range and the BD Quickheel range.
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  1. Accu-Chek Safe-T-Pro Plus Lancets - Single-use x 200
    Code: MD04547
    £33.26 (£39.91 inc VAT)
  2. Unistik 3 Normal (1.8mm) Yellow
    Code: MD03328-X

    Starting at £10.37 (£12.44 inc VAT)

  3. Unistik 3 Extra (2.0mm) Orange
    Code: MD03331-X

    Starting at £10.37 (£12.44 inc VAT)

  4. Unistik 3 Comfort (1.8mm) Purple
    Code: MD03333-X

    Starting at £10.37 (£12.44 inc VAT)

  5. Unistik 3 Neonatal & Laboratory (1.8mm) Pink
    Code: MD03335-X

    Starting at £14.59 (£17.51 inc VAT)

  6. BD Contact Activated Lancet x 200
    Code: MD366594-X

    Starting at £35.70 (£42.84 inc VAT)

  7. GlucoRx Lancets x 200 (Lancing Device included)
    Code: MD09473
    £7.88 (£9.46 inc VAT)
  8. Tenderfoot Full Term Lancet - Newborn
    Code: MD03525-X

    Starting at £44.77 (£53.72 inc VAT)

  9. BD Quikheel Incision Lancet x 50
    Code: MD368102-X

    Starting at £114.45 (£137.34 inc VAT)

Set Ascending Direction

9 Items

per page