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Activon, Actilite & Algivon Manuka Honey Dressings

The properties of Activon Manuka Honey provide wound healing benefits not found in other types of dressings. As well as its anti-microbial, debridement and de-sloughing, and malodour reduction properties, Activon Manuka Honey protects the wound bed, providing the moist wound healing environment that is known to promote faster healing. Suitable for various applications, including: wounds including burns, long-standing acute wounds , leg-ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers and fungating wounds
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  1. Activon Tulle 100% Manuka Honey Dressing
    Code: MD09037-X

    Starting at £18.19 (£21.83 inc VAT)

  2. Algivon 100% Manuka Honey Alginate Dressing
    Code: MD07912-X

    Starting at £19.64 (£23.57 inc VAT)

  3. Algivon Plus Reinforced Alginate Dressing
    Code: MD07164-X

    Starting at £24.12 (£28.94 inc VAT)

  4. Actilite Manuka Honey/Oil Dressing
    Code: MD06854-X

    Starting at £11.96 (£14.35 inc VAT)

  5. Activon Tube - 100% Manuka Honey - 25g
    Code: MD07027

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5 Items

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