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Keeler Pocket Instruments

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  1. Keeler Jazz Ultra Pocket Otoscope
    Code: MD01116
    £138.80 (£166.56 inc VAT)
  2. Keeler Jazz LED Pocket Ophthalmoscope
    Code: MD09013
    £156.45 (£187.74 inc VAT)
  3. Keeler Jazz Ultra Pocket Ophthalmoscope
    Code: MD09010
    £234.33 (£281.20 inc VAT)
  4. Keeler 2.8v Pocket Ophthalmoscope
    Code: MD02656
    £167.99 (£201.59 inc VAT)
  5. Keeler 2.8v Pocket Otoscope
    Code: MD02671
    £136.03 (£163.24 inc VAT)
Set Descending Direction

5 Items

per page