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Bedfont piCO Smokerlyzer

A handheld, portable CO monitoring tool for use in smoking cessation. The piCO Smokerlyzer helps health advisers monitor smokers to help them quit the habit.
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  1. SteriBreath Mouthpieces x 250
    Code: MD06802
    £35.00 (£42.00 inc VAT)
    This product has been discontinued. Click here to view an alternative.
  2. Steribreath Eco Mouthpieces x 200
    Code: MD09836
    £36.75 (£44.10 inc VAT)
  3. Disposable D-Pieces x 12
    Code: MD05934
    £60.66 (£72.79 inc VAT)
  4. Bedfont piCO Smokerlyzer
    Code: MD08268
    £230.99 (£277.19 inc VAT)
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4 Items

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