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Foetal Development Models

Browse MidMeds range of Foetal Development Models. We have an array of Foetal Development Models the human embryo in the first month, all the way through to the embryo in the 7th month. Our Foetal Development Models can be ordered in single or multiple quantities, and our Foetal Development Models form excellent training aids.
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  1. Foetus In 7th Month Model
    Code: MD01787
    £216.09 (£259.31 inc VAT)
  2. Human Embryo
    Code: MD01780
    £42.20 (£50.64 inc VAT)
  3. Embryo 1st Month
    Code: MD01781
    £54.25 (£65.10 inc VAT)
  4. Embryo In Uterus 2nd Month
    Code: MD01782
    £54.25 (£65.10 inc VAT)
  5. Embryo In Uterus 3rd Month
    Code: MD01783
    £56.50 (£67.80 inc VAT)
  6. Uterus With Foetus, 4th To 5th Month
    Code: MD01784
    £73.45 (£88.14 inc VAT)
  7. Uterus, 5th Month, Breech
    Code: MD01785
    £71.05 (£85.26 inc VAT)
  8. Uterus With Foetus, 5th Month, Transverse
    Code: MD01786
    £77.00 (£92.40 inc VAT)
  9. Twin Foetuses In 5th Month
    Code: MD01788
    £89.25 (£107.10 inc VAT)
  10. Foetal Development, 8 Models
    Code: MD01789
    £489.95 (£587.94 inc VAT)
  11. Pelvis With Foetus
    Code: MD01790
    £328.00 (£393.60 inc VAT)
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11 Items

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