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Mayo Scissors

MidMeds Mayo Scissors range can be ordered in single or multiple quantities. We offer a variety of different sized Mayo scissors, ranging from 6.5 Inch Mayo Scissors, to 7.5 Inch Mayo Scissors. We offer both Stainless Steel (SS) and Tungsten Carbide Mayo Scissors. If we do not have the Mayo Scissors that you require, then please do not hesitate to contact us.
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  1. Reusable - Mayo Scissors Curved 7.5" SS
    Code: MD01475
    £5.40 (£6.48 inc VAT)
  2. Reusable - Mayo Scissors Straight 7.5" SS
    Code: MD01474
    £4.25 (£5.10 inc VAT)
  3. Reusable - Mayo Scissors Straight 6.5" SS
    Code: MD01471
    £4.19 (£5.03 inc VAT)
  4. Reusable - Mayo Scissors Curved 6.5" SS
    Code: MD01473
    £4.10 (£4.92 inc VAT)
    This product has been discontinued.
  5. Reusable - Mayo Scissors Straight 6.5" TC
    Code: MD01472
    £18.38 (£22.06 inc VAT)
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5 Items

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