10 Great Tips for Soothing Sunburn this Summer!



10 Great Tips for Soothing Sunburn this Summer!




Summer is coming, and once again we're going to be bombarded with warnings about staying out of the sun and covering ourselves with litres of sun cream. However, for most of us the inevitable is still going to happen, we're going to get sunburnt! So we're found 10 great tips to help you sooth your sunburn this Summer!


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1) Soak with cold water

If you're looking for immediate relief,  soak the burnt areas of your body with cold water. Use a cold compress for 15 minutes to reduce swelling and to remove the heat from your skin.


2) Oatmeal baths

Burnt all over? A bath in oatmeal can help relieve itching and pain! Alternatively, place the oatmeal over the burnt skin if only in specific area.


3) Green tea compress

Brew up some green tea, let it cool, soak it in the tea and use it as a compress for burnt areas. The green tea contains ingredients which help reduce inflammation (And that's not the only great thing about green tea).


4) Mint

Mint contains aromatic qualities which can be used to quell the pain of a sunburn. Either peppermint oil or tea with lukewarm water, soaked into a compress will do the trick.


5) Veggies

Extra-painful sunburn patches can be cooled with sliced cucumber or potato. They contain special compounds which relieve the burn and help reduce swelling.

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6) Vinegar

Thanks to the acetic acid within vinegar, it can be a great way to ease sunburn pain, inflammation and itching. Simply soak the white vinegar in paper towel, apply to the area and remove once dry.


7) Vinegary bath

If you have full body sunburn, a vinegar bath is one of the best remedies. Simply add two cups of vinegar to bathwater!


8) Paste...

A bit of a strange one, but we're told it really does work! Coat yourself in a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, then leave it on over night for a better night sleep.



9) Minimise chafing

One of the worst things about a sunburn is the terrible night sleep which follows. Sprinkling bedsheets with cornstarch can help minimise the irritation.


10) Aloe!

Already the preferred choice of treatment for millions of people, Aloe can work wonders on sunburnt skin. Using pure Aloe Vera gel, or an aloe leaf can seriously help relive pain and irritation.


Information and data for this article is from AuthorityNutrition.com