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Mobile Examination Lights

We supply a large range of top quality affordable mobile examination lights from MidMeds.

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  1. Daray X240 LED Exam Light
    Code: MD06809-X

    Starting at £576.45 (£691.74 inc VAT)

  2. Daray X100 LED Exam Light
    Code: MD05588-X

    Starting at £407.98 (£489.58 inc VAT)

  3. DARAY MAG700 LED Magnifying LED Examination Light
    Code: MD07014-X

    Starting at £251.95 (£302.34 inc VAT)

  4. Luxo LHH LED G2 Examination Light CCT Version
    Code: MD08569-X

    Starting at £734.99 (£881.99 inc VAT)

  5. Luxo LHH LED G2 Examination Light
    Code: MD08210-X

    Starting at £564.99 (£677.99 inc VAT)

  6. Optica LED MDV Mobile Mounted Medical Magnifier
    Code: MD05927-MOBILE
    £664.18 (£797.02 inc VAT)
  7. Daray X240 LED Exam Light - Mobile
    Code: MD06809-MOBILE
    £649.99 (£779.99 inc VAT)
  8. Daray X100LED Exam Light - Mobile
    Code: MD05588-MOBILE
    £489.81 (£587.77 inc VAT)
  9. Daray X400 LED Exam Light
    Code: MD06680-X

    Starting at £1,427.44 (£1712.93 inc VAT)

  10. DARAY MAGW200 Wood's/Diagnostic UV Lamp
    Code: MD08820
    £154.35 (£185.22 inc VAT)
  11. Coolview CLED23 Exam Light
    Code: MD08111-X

    Starting at £1,037.40 (£1244.88 inc VAT)

  12. Coolview CLED30SH Exam Light
    Code: MD09304-X

    Starting at £436.80 (£524.16 inc VAT)

  13. Optica 488 Illuminated Magnifier - Mobile
    Code: MD07952-MOBILE
    £690.59 (£828.71 inc VAT)
    This product has been discontinued. Click here to view an alternative.
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13 Items

per page